This page is a compilation of videos and animations of the major process we have studied in this unit. Also included are links to RNAi and Epigenetics clips as well as the DNA replication advanced tutorial.

RNAi (RNA interference) Video Questions
Epigenetics Video Questions
DNA Replication Tutorial (advanced detail) Tutorial Questions

Videos for Review
DNA structure

DNA replication

Transcription and Translation

RNA Splicing

Watch the video below for an overview of the processes of transcription and translation. After watching the video, answer the questions below.

Video Questions:
Transcription: Watch the more detailed version of transcription HERE
1) What molecule is a copy of the gene?
2) What enzyme creates this molecule referred to in #1? What is the name of the binding site on the DNA for this enzyme?
3) Where in a cell does transcription take place?

Translation: Watch the more detailed version of translation HERE
4) The mRNA contains instructions to build what type of molecule? What organelle is needed to build these molecules?
5) How can the mRNA base sequence be used to create a protein? Explain in detail.
6) What is the role of tRNA molecules in translation (they are the "green triangles" in the video)? How do they drop off their "cargo" (the amino acids) in the right place at the right time during the assembly of proteins?
7) Why is this process essential to all life? (Some might even say it IS life)